Cervical Spine MRI Protocol

Cervical Spine MRI sequences

Sagittal T1 SE
Sagittal T2 FSE 
3D Volumetric Axial T2* GRE
Axial T1 SE
Axial T2 FSE(Target axials to abnormality)

Trauma Cervical spine MRI Protocol
Sagittal T1 SE
Sagittal FSE-IR(Turbo-IR)
Axial T2 FSE with fat sat 
2D FLASH Axial/ Sagital 

Post-Op Cervical spine MRI  Protocol
Sagittal T1 SE
Sagittal T2 FSE
Axial 3D Volumetric T2* GRE
Stacked Axial T2 FSE  

Technical notes:

  • Substitute Axial T1 for T2* GRE if hardware is present  
  • No IV contrast required.
  • We must see the dorsal and ventral rami of the nerve roots coursing from the spinal cord to join as they exit the neuroforamen. Obtaining such detailed images typically requires 2 mm slice thicknesses for the axial images
  • IV contrast only required for tumor/demyelinating diseases-MS

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